Apartment Building Insurance Mississippi

Apartment Insurance Protects Your Most Valuable Asset

Complete apartment insurance coverage not only protects your investment, it provides you with peace of mind. Apartment building owners in Mississippi and Alabama should consider insurance coverage that includes:

  • Maintenance problems: sewer back up, drains, appliance problems and pollutant clean up
  • Natural disasters: hurricanes, floods and tornadoes
  • Records retention: coverage for accounts receivables, vital paperwork, computer equipment and records
  • Theft/vandalism: replacement, clean up and repair expenses associated with damage
  • Income loss: loss of rental income, automatic increase in building amount, lost value of undamaged building area
  • Fire: including both fire department service charges and extinguisher recharge expense
  • Workers’ compensation: coverage for apartment building employees

You may not need all varieties of apartment insurance so the best way to determine which kind of coverage is best for you is to speak with an expert.

Learn more about which types of apartment insurance can provide the best protection for your property. Request a quote online or call us at one of our 7 locations.

Why Is Finding the Right Apartment Insurance Carrier Important?

Having a solid apartment insurance carrier on your side is vital to protecting your investment. Apartment building owners know that many things can go wrong, often beyond your control. From fire and floods to broken appliances and even vandalism, having coverage for every aspect is important in order to maintain not only your apartment complex but also your reputation.

Landlords who don’t recognize and repair damage quickly earn the reputation as being a “slumlord”, which can drive their property value down and cause a high turnover of tenants. Since paying out of pocket for natural disasters is impossible, finding a reputable, honest insurance carrier is of the utmost importance.

For superior coverage from a highly respected carrier, turn to The Nowell Agency. For 2 decades we’ve provided full apartment insurance coverage for structures from Mississippi and Alabama to the southeast region of the country.

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