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You are probably wondering why you should care about flood insurance if there has never been a flood in your area. In order to protect your property and reduce the risk of having to pay out-of-pocket for repairs, it is critical to be prepared before a calamity strikes. Flooding is one of the costliest and most common natural disasters in the U.S. and, which recorded the numerous floods that ravaged the country last year, revealed that 24 states experienced at least one “federal disaster”. Many home and business owners are still struggling to cover the cost of restoration, rental accommodation, and other living expenses. They are in this situation either because they did not have any flood coverage or it was not adequate.

It is important to understand that while severe weather plays a major role, it is not the only cause of flooding. An article in Property Casualty 360˚ draws our attention to another serious flood hazard—land development. The more structures we build, the less place water has to go. This means an increased risk of floods regardless of where you live! As this report says, “building hardened flood control structures, offering subsidized federal flood insurance, and providing disaster relief after major storms and floods — are increasingly inadequate and in some cases can even be counterproductive”. In fact, levees and seawalls can sometimes push floodwaters downstream to adjacent communities. 

With Mother Nature continuing her relentless attack, the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program), is drowning in a debt of $24.6 billion and its authorization expires in September. Property owners are being encouraged to seek protection from private insurance. Any assistance provided by the government is only meant to supplement your insurance coverage, not replace it. That is why a reform proposal made by calls for better technology to more accurately determine flood risk and greater involvement by private insurers in the flood insurance market to help cover it.

John Dickson, the author of the Property Casualty 360˚ article, asks the vital question—“With severe weather events and flood hazards happening at every turn, why would you leave it all to chance?”

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With flood insurance education, affordable solutions, and tailored coverage, we have helped hundreds of property owners protect themselves from devastating losses. Although you have the option of national or government-run programs (run by FEMA through the NFIP) and private flood insurance, the latter offers more extensive coverage. To avoid having to pay out-of-pocket, many of our clients complement the NFIP coverage with their own policy. It is certainly worth the few extra dollars.

Based on our flood risk assessment expertise, we craft solutions to match your needs and budget. Taking into consideration the type of property, content coverage, deductibles, and other essential aspects, the experienced brokers at The Nowell Agency assess and explore all options to get you the right protection. We work with many different insurance providers to obtain competitive quotes, and you can trust us to give you the best value. One of our brokers will be happy to discuss the coverage that is available and customize a plan to suit your specific needs.

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