Property Insurance Claims Rise Due to Hail Storm in Jackson, Mississippi

A massive storm packing a vicious punch backed by high wind, rain, and hail struck Jackson, Mississippi in March, 2013 causing widespread devastation. Marc McCallister, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi indicated that the hail storm was caused by cold temperatures in the atmosphere and unstable air. The huge downdraft meant that the hail didn’t melt very much as it fell.

While the wind gusts in northern Mississippi were as high as 77 miles per hour and substantial property damage was reported across the state, the hail appears to have been the primary culprit of the property damage. This particular hail storm reportedly included hail as big as golf balls, fists, and even baseballs.

The damage spread across 18 counties and early estimates are that between $25 and $40 million dollars’ worth of property damage occurred as a result of a threat that most insurers don’t talk about much.

The lesson learned? Hail can be a particularly damaging force of nature.

Mississippi’s major insurance carriers have reported receiving 40,000 hailstorm claims and have paid out over $25 million dollars so far (according to the Mississippi Business Journal). That number is expected to climb as the claims continue to roll in and be processed.

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Sheer Volume of Hail Storm Damage is Overwhelming

Many Mississippi government properties were damaged in the hail storm that struck on March 18. The sheer volume of hail storm damage has resulted in estimates far greater than that tallied for the metro-area government buildings affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
Most hail damaged buildings remain in a state of temporary repairs – tarps over roofs, for example – while homeowners and business owners prioritize the repairs and wait for contractors to become available. Many of the automobile windshield repairs have been impacted by a depleted supply of glass windshields after the storm – particularly the stronger glass required for law enforcement vehicles.

The Jackson Police Department indicated that 69 law enforcement vehicles were damaged in the hail storm. Other law enforcement agencies and first responders in the Jackson Mississippi metro area also reported significant automobile damage.

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