Having a Catastrophe Plan Is Important!

As the country braces for severe weather season during the spring and summer months, many people are inadequately prepared or covered for the expected damage and financial loss. Being prepared and having the right catastrophe plan in place with your insurance provider can mean the difference between financial safety and bankruptcy. A recent survey conducted by the National Association of Insurance Commissions (NAIC) shows that a lot of people do not have adequate or even the right type of coverage needed to protect themselves from specific types of losses like earthquakes, floods and even damage from water and sewer line breaks. Standard insurance policies do not cover these types of damage so consumers are advised to review their policy every year with their insurance agent to make their policy provides adequate coverage to avoid financial ruin.

The Nowell Agency offers various types of Business Insurance coverages and will work with you to match the coverages with your needs. Restaurant insurance, non-profit insurance, apartment building insurance and small business liability insurance are just some of the services available. With over 23 years of experience providing customized Business Insurance, the Nowell Agency has the knowledge and the expertise to provide the right coverage so you are financially prepared for whatever nature throws your way.