Jackson, Mississippi Tops the List for Windiest Cities

According to a recent CoreLogic ranking, Jackson, Mississippi ranks as the windiest city in the United States. The report was released in October as part of CoreLogic’s Windy City Ranking report, which creates national rankings of the windiest cities in the country. This report is generated by assessing the total force of wind gusts of 60 miles per hour or more dating back to events as far as 2006.

Jackson topped the list with 153 wind events since January 2006 and featured a max wind speed of 99 miles per hour. “The Windy City,” also known as Chicago, actually only reached number 50 on the list.

Do You Have Proper Insurance in Jackson, MS to Handle the Winds?

Now that residents are aware of the windy conditions known to the city and state, many are wondering if they have adequate coverage for such natural events. In many cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover windstorms. These are one of the basic perils a policy should cover, which means you may have coverage already for damage to your windows, doors, exterior of your home, etc.

However, there are often exceptions to this. If your home does not qualify for windstorm under the basic homeowner’s insurance package, you may find yourself without vital coverage. Certain areas of the state can also exclude windstorm coverage from a policy’s “standard” coverage.

This is why it is critical that you have your policy assessed by an insurance broker. A broker can look for gaps in your coverage, including windstorm insurance coverage. A few things the broker will look for include:

  • The wind mitigation studies for your home and area. They will assess your risk for potential windstorm damage.
  • Exclusions in your existing homeowner’s insurance policy, including any exclusion for wind damage.
  • The value of your home and the rebuild costs. If your home is completely damaged by a windstorm, you not only need coverage, but enough coverage to handle the costs of repair or rebuild (if necessary).

Do not assume you are covered for windstorms in Jackson, MS. Speak with a broker at the Nowell Agency. We will assess your current insurance in Jackson, MS and help you find the balance between coverage and cost. Call us at 601-992-4444 to discuss your coverage today. You can also request a quote online.