5 Tips to Reduce Your Log Truck Insurance Costs

A logging truck insurance policy helps minimize the many liabilities associated with this challenging freight-hauling business. With heavy loads, changing weather and road conditions, the risk of accidents and costly damages are fairly high. In such a situation, the right insurance coverage makes all the difference in being able to tide over the difficult times. However, as with any business expense, insurance costs are often a big concern.

Here are 5 ways to help lower your insurance premiums for log truck insurance:

  1. Hire experienced drivers: In addition to reducing the probability of accidents, hiring truckers with a good driving record can also help lower your insurance premiums. Insurance companies consider driving history and your company’s claims record while assessing risk and setting premiums. A clean record can help lower cost. Screen truck operators carefully. Accidents aside, impaired driving, speeding tickets and any other type of driving violation are likely to push up your insurance costs.
  2. List out your business needs: Make a list of all your insurance requirements—commercial vehicle coverage, general liability and property insurance, worker’s compensation, business interruption, etc. Once you have a handle on your needs, it is easier for an insurance broker to provide you with adequate coverage.
  3. Know what you are paying for: Understanding the inclusions and exclusions in your logging truck insurance policy helps you make informed decisions about coverage and rates. A lower rate can mean a higher deductible or restricted coverage. Similarly a high premium might be the result of some inclusions you do not need. Go over the policy with your insurance broker and do not be afraid to ask questions. An established broker should be able to provide you with some flexibility in designing your insurance plans.
  4. Choose a reliable product: The track record of the insurance company that is providing you with coverage is as important as the cost involved. Do not go by price alone. Here’s why working with an insurance broker is preferable to an agent that is aligned with a particular company. The broker is paid irrespective of which product he/she sells and looks out for your best interests. They have nothing to gain from pushing a particular product your way.
  5. Work with an established insurance broker: It is highly recommended that you obtain more than one truck insurance quote so that you can compare coverage and rates. Working with an experienced broker saves you the time and effort of having to explain (or fill out) your requirements multiple times and then sort through the complex insurance jargon. Your insurance broker will do the homework for you and shortlist the most appropriate policies as well as provide you with unbiased advice to guide your decisions.

Knowledgeable Advice and Quick Quotes for Log Truck Insurance

Trucking companies and owner-operators rely on the experienced brokers at The Nowell Agency to provide them with the protection they need at affordable rates. Our extensive experience with the trucking and insurance industries, and specifically log truck insurance, enables us look out for your best interests. From identifying coverage gaps to providing risk management advice, securing your business is our top priority. With an ongoing customer focus, we ensure that you are completely satisfied with our proven products and exceptional service. One of our brokers will be happy to discuss the coverage that is available as well as customize a logging truck insurance plan to suit your specific needs.

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