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Agriculture contributes a great deal to the economies of many states. Over three billion dollars in revenue in both Mississippi and Alabama can be attributed to farming operations. Then there are the other businesses associated with agriculture depending on successful farms for their profits. That’s lot at stake if the right insurance isn’t in place. As a result, it’s important to make sure your insurance is being handled by agents who really understand agriculture.

If you’re responsible for the bottom line of any kind of agriculture or ag-related operation, you owe it to yourself and your business to compare agents who know enough to anticipate the potential hazards of your operation. That means agents who know what it’s like to walk through a field of corn that’s been devastated by mold, mildew or root rot, not the kind that have simply read about farming in a pamphlet.

Searching for Agriculture Insurance Agents

At The Nowell Agency, Inc., we have the kind of agents that know how to walk the walk, even if they need boots to do it. We have your kind of insurance agents at The Nowell Agency, Inc. Our 20+ years of experience have taught us that the 22 million acres of land devoted to agriculture in Mississippi and Alabama need to be protected.

Our agents are waiting to speak with you to help you determine your best options. Call us today; with numerous locations, we’re bound to be in your area. We also encourage to request a free agriculture insurance quote. The quote information is free and carries no obligation.


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