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Commercial insurance is as important in Alabama as it is everywhere else. There are a myriad of reasons why any commercial operation needs insurance. In today’s litigation-happy world, commercial operations need to make sure their assets are protected. Most commercial businesses must carry a general liability policy. These types of coverages will protect a business from lawsuits involving outside visitors to their facility. It would also cover suits filed by consumers injured using that company’s products.

But what else do commercial operations in Alabama have to worry about? With 40,000 farms and thousands of other commercial entities engaged in agribusiness, there are many special types of insurance that must be considered. It takes a specialist to know how to properly insure commercial businesses, and that’s just what The Nowell Agency, Inc. is.

How To Find Commercial Insurance In Alabama

At The Nowell Agency, Inc., we have 20+ years of experience dealing with unique commercial insurance requirements. Whatever your situation might be, our professional staff is waiting at offices throughout Mississippi and Alabama to go over the particulars of your situation. Many of our agents specialize in commercial insurance lines. We’ll be able to look at your operation and point out the pitfalls before an accident happens.

Let us take a look at your operation and help you analyze your needs. Call us today at one of our 7 locations. If you’d prefer, you can also request a free commercial insurance quote. One of our agents will contact you right away.

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