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Casualty Insurance and Finding a Good Mississippi Underwriter

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Casualty insurance is a unique type of protection that broadly covers losses and liabilities that result from unforeseen events. It encompasses a range of situations and fields within the insurance industry and so it’s often confused with other types of insurance products, including life, property, auto and other types of insurance.

What is casualty insurance?

Casualty insurance is often equated with liability insurance but it’s not directly concerned with life, health, or property insurance. It is first and foremost liability coverage of an individual or organization for negligent acts or omissions. Often, however, the term is used as boilerplate in insurance documents and it thus, gets confused with other types of insurance.

The difference is that casualty insurance protects you from a loss that is the direct result of an accident while property insurance covers specific events, such as a burglary. Typically casualty insurance covers damage to both property and people whereas property coverage protects only structures and the contents of them.

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When is casualty insurance a good idea?

Whether casualty insurance is purchased for a family or business, it’s a very important part of a sound insurance and risk management program.

  • A good casualty insurance plan will include not only underlying coverage but broader umbrella insurance with high limits in case the business or individual is found to be liable for injuries to people or damage to their property.
  • Casualty insurance is especially useful for homeowners in situations like recovering from when someone visits your home for a party and has a fall caused by the negligence of the homeowner.

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