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Which Businesses Can Receive Convenience Store Insurance?

Like any retail store, convenience store insurance provides coverage to Alabama or Mississippi establishments that may be open to a variety of liabilities. These include damage from both manmade or natural causes, food product loss due to expiration, theft, vandalism, and more.

The term “convenience store” can apply to many types of establishments including, but not limited to:

  • 24 hour quick shops – including those that offer deli and fast food restaurant services
  • Gas stations – limited facility stations and those with convenience services such as food and drinks
  • Auto car wash facilities – automated or manually run car washes
  • Small grocery stores – limited product grocery stores
  • Liquor stores – hard liquor, beer and wine shops
  • Convenience/gas station combination stores – multiple retail opportunities, which may also offer car wash services

Convenience store insurance can provide protection for any of these establishments, helping business owners operate with peace of mind.

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What Type of Coverage Does Convenience Store Insurance Provide?

Because of the different types of commercial establishments that may fall under the umbrella, convenience store owners should work closely with their insurance agent. You don’t have to buy a one-size-fits-all type of solution; instead opt for an insurance package that provides protection against all vulnerable aspects.

Some of the most common areas that require convenience store insurance coverage are:

  • Food spoilage – either through natural or manmade disaster
  • Power outage – loss of business due to power disruption
  • Glass and sign coverage – coverage in the event of vandalism or damage
  • Fire legal liability – protection ranging from minor incidents to a complete building loss
  • Employee dishonesty – because you can’t watch your employees at all times, you need coverage in the event of vandalism or theft by employees
  • Parked vehicles – protection for vehicles under your care, custody or control

All convenience stores in Alabama and Mississippi should seek general coverage, but those who provide 24-hour service, gas station or car wash services should discuss all areas of liability with a trained insurance expert.

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