Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance: Protection for Your Business Provides Peace of Mind

Farm insurance is a vital part of doing business because it protects you against events that may be beyond your control. From weather and natural disasters to farm equipment failure, having agriculture insurance can keep you in the black. Some direct benefits include:

  • Ensures the longevity of your business: one lawsuit or setback can put you out of business
  • Farmers who are insured are often offered government subsidies to offset a portion of the premium
  • Farmers who grow several crops are offered increased coverage levels
  • Input costs and harvest values may usually be covered
  • May serve as collateral for operating loans – major financial institutions only extend loans to farms that have insurance coverage

Many farms are family owned and run. Without proper coverage you not only risk losing income, you risk losing a business built for generations. Don’t worry about not having a farming legacy to pass along to the next generation ? farm insurance in Mississippi and Alabama is only a click away. Contact Nowell Agency for a free quote.

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Types of Farm Insurance by Nowell Agency

When it comes to farm insurance, general coverage isn’t enough. Depending on your farm type, crops and livestock, you should consider different kinds of coverage including:

  • Crop insurance: protect your farm and livelihood in the event your crops are damaged by manmade or natural disaster
  • Property and Casualty insurance (P&C): if an employee is injured while on the job, your farm is protected from liability. This type of coverage usually does not cover livestock
  • Livestock insurance
  • Specialty farm insurance: specific types of farming have their own unique challenges. For example, farmers that grow citrus crops like oranges may consider insurance to protect against frost

Nowell Agency has worked with small and family-run farms since 1984. Our teams of expert underwriters know your concerns and can provide coverage for vulnerabilities. Allow one of our skilled agents to customize a farm insurance package for you today.

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