Manufacturing Insurance

Which Areas Does Manufacturing Insurance Cover?

Manufacturing insurance is vital for every company since manufacturing products and goods come with an inherent set of risks. From working in extreme temperatures and harsh environments to maintaining heavy equipment designed to work 24 hours a day, manufacturing presents its own set of unique challenges.

Examples of manufacturing insurance coverage types includes:

  • Inflation guard against increase in building amount
  • Replacement costs for building extensions
  • Coverage for seasonal fluctuation increase
  • Reduced or loss of income from internal or external (due to another company) power outage
  • Reduced value in undamaged area of your building (due to damage to other areas)
  • Maintenance and clean up including debris removal, pollutant clean up, back up of sewers or drains
  • Protection of media, records, brands, accounts receivable and valuable papers/records
  • Recovery from spoilage due to temperature change or broken refrigeration equipment
  • Crime from employee dishonesty or outside intruders
  • Vehicle liability coverage – both company vehicles and personal vehicle use for company business

In addition to general coverage, manufacturers may require protection that pertains specifically to the type of industry it serves. Specialized equipment and materials should be considered before designing full manufacturing insurance coverage.

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The Importance of Finding the Right Manufacturing Insurance Company

Searching for a reputable manufacturing insurance company involves finding an underwriter who understands the industry as a whole. Although many insurance companies tout having competitive rates and experienced underwriters, manufacturers must find someone who has worked with or within the industry in order to fully understand the risks and challenges.

Additionally, a strong insurance company should possess qualities such as:

  • Underwriting acumen: underwriters who have the knowledge, skill and education required to meet superior underwriting standards
  • Solid industry reputation: testimonials and remarks from other manufacturers regarding their experience with the insurance company
  • Experience: rooted in the community for numerous years as being a manufacturing insurance leader

With 25 years of experience as being an industry leader, Nowell Agency offers complete manufacturing insurance coverage and insight into what your company may require.

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