Mini-Warehouse Insurance – Specialized Policies for a Unique Market

Most people have a lot of stuff accumulated over the years. Many times, they don’t have the room in their home to keep it all. Businesses often need a little extra storage space for inventory or unused office furniture. When consumers and businesses alike run out of room, they turn to you. Your mini-warehouse or self-storage business provides ample space in convenient locations so that your customers can keep their enterprise running smoothly without clutter. As with any venture, there are risks associated with conducting a mini-warehouse business. It helps to have an ace in your back pocket when claims arise.

Ensure your unique needs are covered when you talk with an experienced broker at the Nowell Agency. We can look at your existing coverage, find the strengths and help fill in any gaps. We work with a variety of industries and understand the specific requirements needed to ensure that our clients are covered.

How Mini-Warehouse Insurance Is Specially Designed for You

A general liability policy lays a good base for any business venture. But it can’t meet every single need of each enterprise effectively. That is where a specialized policy comes in. Here is a list of some of the potential coverages you can get:

  • Commercial Property – In your line of work, your buildings are everything. Additionally, they house the belongings of your customers. If a fire or other covered event destroys buildings or units, this type of policy can help you rebuild.
  • Business Income – This can work with your other coverage to replace lost income during a time of rebuilding, including ordinary operating expenses and temporary relocation of offices.
  • Sale and Disposal Liability – Helps cover claims after a forced sale, removal, or disposal of a customer’s property and belongings.
  • Equipment Breakdown – When you have electronic gates and locks, a power surge can quickly burn them out. With help, you can recover soon.
  • Customer Property Liability – If damage occurs to a customer’s stored property, you may be legally liable. This can help instead of paying out of pocket.
  • Employee Dishonesty – Unfortunately, some dishonest people may become your employees and cause damage through their lies.
  • Pollutant Clean-up – Even if you spell out in your lease that no hazardous materials can be stored on site, someone will probably break the rule. A spill can mean a massive headache for you.

Safeguard Your Customers and Your Mini-Warehouse Business with Our Help

Avoid leaving your unique business needs to inadequate coverage. Protect your buildings, customers, and your future with a tailored insurance plan from the brokers at the Nowell Agency. Since the mid-1980s, we have helped business owners like you guard their venture and create a safety net through our insurance products. We can discuss with you the risks associated with your industry and craft a plan to keep all affected parties covered. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you!

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