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Nursing Home Insurance

Finding the Right Underwriter

Consult The Nowell Agency for the right nursing home insurance plan.

The changing Mississippi government regulations as well as diverse liabilities involved with the increasingly competitive nursing home market make it critical that your nursing home insurance coverage be handled by an underwriter who specializes in this type of policy.

What does nursing home insurance include?

Nursing home insurance policies typically include:

  • Protection for the nursing home property, grounds, and equipment
  • Worker’s compensation for nursing home employees
  • Professional liability or malpractice protections
  • General liability coverage

Depending on the size and management of your facility, your nursing home insurance may also involve directors’ and officers’ coverage as well.

At The Nowell Agency, Inc. we can help you with customized nursing home insurance coverage to protect your nursing home staff, properties and other assets.

Call 601.992.4444 or request a quote online for nursing home insurance.

Finding the right nursing home insurance underwriter

In order to properly price and underwrite nursing home liability insurance, your agent needs to understand the business side of a nursing home: the language, the regulations, how they work, how they’re managed, and more.

For example, the worker’s compensation and professional liability risks are of particular concern to nursing home managers. These risks may vary depending on the relative health and abilities of the nursing home residents.

On one side of the worker’s compensation argument – where nursing home residents can move freely about and retain their mental faculties, your workers may face the prospect of physical or sexual assault. On the other side – where patients are bedridden and can’t care for themselves, your workers face significant risk to back and neck strains or injuries as they lift and turn patients in their beds.

Proactive risk management strategies are essential to keeping nursing home insurance costs down and the right underwriter can help you determine those strategies as well as put into place audits, training, and more.

The Nowell Agency, Inc. has been in the business for nearly three decades. We provide a wide range of Mississippi life insurance, business insurance, commercial marine insurance, personal insurance, and risk management products to the people and companies of Mississippi as well as the southeastern U.S.

Contact us to consult an experienced and knowledgeable broker and get competitive nursing home insurance quotes in Mississippi.


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