Restaurant Insurance

Before determining which type of restaurant insurance is right for you, consider your current coverage and how your business has evolved. Many restaurant owners open their doors with only general liability but forget to add coverage as their business expands and develops.

You may be leaving your business open to the risk of damage and lawsuits, especially if you haven’t updated your coverage after expansion, renovation and growth. Several types of restaurant insurance policies are available to provide your business in Mississippi and Alabama with complete coverage:

  • Property Insurance: protection against fire or vandalism
  • General Liability: umbrella policy that provides overall protection against events such as slip and fall on your premises
  • Liquor Liability: liability protection for restaurants that carry a liquor license
  • Workers’ Compensation: coverage for workers who may become injured or ill while on the job
  • Automobile Liability: protection for company cars and restaurants that provide delivery service
  • Loss of Business: provides income recovery if you lose sales through a cause beyond your control
  • Food Contamination Insurance: replacement for spoiled food in the event of power outage
  • Specific Peril Insurance: coverage in the event of a natural disaster, including power outages

Brandon-based Nowell Agency has provided customers with comprehensive restaurant coverage for more than 2 decades ? ask us how we can offer coverage to protect your most valuable asset.

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How to Select a Restaurant Insurance Provider

Identify the key features that make up a superior insurance company, before deciding which provider offers the best restaurant insurance:

  • Industry based knowledge: work with someone who not only has expert underwriting ability, but one with experience working in the restaurant industry
  • Competitive pricing: top-level coverage for a competitive price
  • Customized solutions: every restaurant’s needs are different and so should be the insurance coverage
  • Flexible and easy payment system: restaurant owners are busy, which means the payment method should accommodate their fast-paced schedules

Reliable, experienced insurance coverage is only a click away. Since 1984, Nowell Agency has provided restaurants across Mississippi, Alabama and the entire southeastern U.S. with unmatched, customized restaurant insurance coverage.

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