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In this modern era, it has never been easier to start and run a business. The Internet has broken the barriers for entry in setting up an online business or hiring remote teams. Social media has opened up a world of new possibilities in advertising and brand building. With all the great things you can enjoy and utilize, some not-so-good issues can arise. For example, a poor choice in posting on social media can quickly ruin your reputation or bring on a lawsuit for defamation.

Often an afterthought, small business insurance protects many owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals in ways they don’t realize. At the Nowell Agency, our licensed brokers assess your current situation and develop a customized plan that will help you rest easy knowing your company is safeguarded from mishaps.

Why Your Company Needs a Small Business Insurance Plan

Avoid being faced with a claim or suit that threatens to shut down your livelihood. Instead, here is why you should purchase small business insurance:

  • Protection from Liability Suits: Day-to-day business transactions put your company and employees at risk from damages to property, bodily injuries, or false advertising claims.
  • Coverage for Equipment, Furniture, and Tools: These items are critical to keeping things running smoothly. If you lose anything to theft or fire, it can be challenging to get back on track.
  • Help for Employee Injury or Illness: Accidents happen and employees may be injured or become ill while conducting their assigned tasks. Taking time off from work can harm their financial stability.
  • Protection for Buildings: Leasing property doesn’t mean that your landlord’s policies will cover your assets. It’s beneficial to have separate coverage.
  • Extra Coverage for Commercial Autos: This is especially important if you use your personal automobile for business use, like using your pickup truck for your landscape business.
  • Help with Claims of Professional Negligence: Professional service providers have additional risks. Claims of failing to perform your duties can leave you open for suits.
  • Mitigate Loss During a Data Breach: Ransomware and hackers are always looking for ways to steal your customers’ data. That leaves you in a precarious position with your clients and your reputation.

Types of Policies that Can Help

There are a variety of policies that can protect your small business, such as:

  • General Liability
  • Business Owners
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Auto
  • Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions
  • Cyber Security
  • Specialty Policies Based on Your Industry

Get Comprehensive Coverage with Small Business Insurance

Avoid undue stress and frustration because you fail to have the right coverage for your company’s needs. Talk with a knowledgeable broker from the Nowell Agency instead. For more than 30 years, we have worked with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed to protect their livelihood and dreams. Come in and talk to our team; we will assess the risks you face and tailor a package for your unique needs.

Call one of our offices near you to schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at The Nowell Agency about small business insurance. Request a quote online.

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