Mini-Warehouse Insurance

Mini-Warehouse Insurance Made Easy

Mini-warehouses, also known as self-storage units, are one of the fastest growing industries. A reported one in ten U.S. households has a lease on a self-storage facility. As the number of mini-warehouses has grown, so does the risk that something could happen to the items stored inside. Insurance coverage for the personal items stored in a storage unit is the responsibility of the owner of those items, but mini-warehouse owners need insurance protection to cover their own liability. If you are looking to buy insurance for your mini-warehouse, the friendly team at The Nowell Agency will answer your questions about self-storage insurance coverage.

Self-storage industries include:

  • Wine storage
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • RV and boat storage
  • Mini-warehouse storage
  • Records storage

The most common self-storage insurance coverage includes:

  • Real estate property and personal property coverage
  • Liability coverage such as Customer’s Goods Legal Liability (if the owner is found legally obligated to pay for damage that occurs to a customer’s stored property)
  • Sale and Disposal Liability coverage (for damages if the owner is found legally obligated for acts or omissions arising from ‘lock-out’ or sale when the customer fails to pay rent)
  • Crime coverage
  • Commercial automobile coverage
  • Business income coverage (for loss of business income during reconstruction)

We’ll work with you to identify your coverage needs based on your warehouse unit size, number of units, and features such as forklifts and other vehicles. We will also help you determine the right blanket limits for buildings, business personal property, and business income. Replacement cost coverage for your buildings and self-storage business personal property are important too.

Contact us today at (601) 992-4444 for more information about our mini-warehouse insurance programs, or request a quote online and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Self-Storage Coverage Checklist for Mini-Warehouse Owners

At The Nowell Agency, it is our goal to educate clients so they have the information they need to make the right choices and save them money. While we emphasize your need for protection, we acknowledge that getting
the coverage you need at the right price is important to your business success.

Protecting what you own from unforeseen accidents, criminal acts, and weather is important. Our agents can help you with:

  • Commercial Property Protection Plus Endorsement
  • Commercial Liability Coverage Enhancement Endorsement
  • Commercial Umbrella

Call us for more information at (601) 992-4444 and make an appointment with one of our agents. Need a quick quote for mini-warehouse insurance? Request a quote and we’ll be in touch.

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