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Why Is Pest Control Insurance Important?

Any business that handles toxic chemicals would be remiss and negligent if it didn’t provide pest control insurance coverage – in fact some states mandate that all pest control companies carry this type of insurance. Examples of why a pest control policy is important include:

  • Eliminates liability for damage incurred during pest inspection or investigation
  • Chemical transportation liability coverage – in the event that your employee is involved in an accident during transport
  • Customer protection from accidental pollution
  • The pest control business poses numerous hazards for employees such as inhaling dangerous chemicals or toxins while on the job. Worker’s compensation can provide protection in the event of illness or injury
  • Coverage for the removal of nuisance wildlife such as rodents, birds, cockroaches, bedbugs, bees and other small insects or animals
  • Solidifies your reputation as being a superior pest control company

Whether your company serves communities throughout Mississippi or Alabama, consider exploring pest control insurance for peace of mind.

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Types of Pest Control Insurance that Every Company Should Consider

Numerous types of pest control insurance are offered to provide complete protection for your company, employees and clients. Types of pest control coverage include:

  • General liability: important protection that includes personal injury liability, exterminators’ liability (including care, custody and control coverage), pollution liability for chemical application, chemical transportation liability coverage, fumigation liability, pest inspection damage coverage, lost key coverage endorsement
  • Property coverage: protection for your office and building including contents, income, vandalism and crime. Coverage for personal property including valuable records and papers, accounts receivable and lost company income due to power failure, manmade or natural disaster
  • Umbrella: excess liability coverage for expenses not covered by general liability
  • Crime: criminal activity coverage including money and securities, money order and counterfeit paper currency and employee dishonesty
  • Worker’s compensation: protection due to being injured or ill while on the job

Whether you are opening a new business or exploring updated coverage, consider Nowell Agency to be your pest control insurance “go to” company. Our experienced agents have been designing policies for pest control business owners for more than 25 years. They have the insight and knowledge about not only pest control insurance but also what it takes to run a pest control business.

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