Should I Go into Business as a Sole Proprietorship or an LLC?

Being a business owner requires you to assess a situation and make the best decision that will protect you, your family, and your company. There are many options to consider when you decide to go into business for yourself. For example, do you set up an office in a rented space or in your home? Do you have to use a personal credit card to buy business items? Where should you bank? What licenses are you required to have? The list continues. One item that should be handled in the beginning is the type of business entity under which you will operate.

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Sole Proprietor VS LLC – Which One Should You Choose?

The moment you start doing business as an unincorporated entity, you are considered a sole proprietor. Some people choose to continue operating this way. Some seek out other options such as a limited liability company (LLC), S-corp, or corporation. Which one you choose is up to you. Here are the main differences to help you make the decision:

  • Debt Liability:
    • A sole proprietor is personally liable for all debts incurred by the business. This includes lawsuits. If business assets cannot satisfy a judgment, then your personal assets can be taken.
    • A limited liability company (LLC) can be owned by a single person. The LLC is liable for any business debts and lawsuits. The owner’s personal assets cannot be taken to satisfy a debt.
  • Costs to Set Up Business:
    • As a sole proprietor, there is minimal start up cost or paperwork. Of course, you are responsible for tax withholdings and insurance.
    • An LLC generally has to pay a fee and fill out some paperwork. This can take a few weeks to formalize.
  • Business Credit and Loans:
    • Sole proprietors will have to depend on their personal credit scores and ability to repay without the credibility that a registered business has.
    • LLC’s can enjoy more access to loans and credit as they are considered less risky to a lender.
  • Ownership:
    • As the name suggests, a sole proprietorship is owned by one person.
    • An LLC can be owned by one or more people, corporation, partnerships, trusts, estates, or even other LLCs.
  • Continuing Business after Death:
    • When you die, your business will cease to operate when you are a sole proprietorship.
    • If you have an LLC, it can continue operating even when you pass away when you set up the proper operating agreements.

Protect Your Business’s Future with Contractor’s Insurance

Avoid new owner mistakes when you weigh the different options and choose the best business entity for your industry. Remember to protect all your assets with the right contractor’s insurance. An appointment with the Nowell Agency will help you get the coverage you need at reasonable rates. We work with contractors across many different industries. Rest assured, we have you covered.

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