Size Doesn’t Matter to Computer Hackers – Get Cyber Insurance for Your Texas Small Business

When you are a small business, you have plenty to focus on and multi-tasking is inevitably a part of your day-to-day routine. You probably wear many hats, one of which may include IT. Unless you are an expert at keeping your computers and customer’s data secure, your company is at risk. Yes, even if you own a small company, cyber thieves are eager to take advantage of your inexperience and your access to valuable data. According to a survey by Cisco Cybersecurity, 53% of midmarket companies have experienced a breach. That is over one-half of businesses! Remember this – when hackers attack and steal data from your business, your livelihood is at severe risk, and your reputation can be irreparably tarnished.

Get adequate protection for your company and keep your customer’s information safe when you talk with the experienced brokers at The Nowell Agency. We sit down with you to discuss your requirements. Then we present you with tailored options that provide coverage at rates you can afford.

4 Steps to Make Your Small Business Resistant to Cyber Attacks

Gain peace of mind and take the necessary steps to safeguard your employees, customers, and your business from nefarious cyber thugs:

  1. Create a Company-wide Password System: When passwords are too simple, you are easy prey. Take time to implement stronger passwords and teach your employees to do the same. Utilize a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols to make it harder for an attacker to breach your system. Make it a requirement to regularly change the passwords, such as every 30-60 days. Use two-step authentication for increased security.
  2. Use Encryption: You can use encryption to make your data on hard drives and thumb drives almost impossible to read.
  3. Encourage Employees to be Aware of Threats: When your employees are vigilant, many attacks can the thwarted. For example, remind them to avoid clicking on links in emails. Human error is the biggest doorway for an attack.
  4. Purchase Cyber Insurance: Back in the 1990s, who would have thought that having an insurance policy specifically for data would be a necessity? Almost 30 years later, it is quite normal. Cyber insurance for your Texas business can help you recover after an attack with coverages such as:
    • Hacksurance
    • Cyber Theft
    • Forensic Investigation
    • Extortion
    • Computer data loss and restoration

Safeguard Your Small Business with Cyber Insurance from The Nowell Agency

Keep your company running smoothly and ensure your data is protected by obtaining the additional coverage that cyber insurance provides. The team at The Nowell Agency is ready to identify your needs and find the best policies for you. We work with a variety of industries like restaurants, nursing homes, manufacturing, pest control, and more. Talk with one of our brokers and get your tailored package today.

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