How to Build Customer Loyalty at Your Restaurant

Suggestions from Florida’s Experienced Restaurant Insurance Brokers

Since you can remember, the kitchen has been your favorite place. Memories of your grandmother’s roasted chicken with mashed potatoes permeate your mind the moment you tie your apron strings. As natural as a duck taking to water, so too was your transition from hobby cook to full-fledged restaurateur. Yet it takes more than a great roast beef recipe to keep the customers flocking to your establishment. You need something else to build loyalty to ensure they stop by regularly.

Having a strong customer base is vital. Restaurant insurance protects you and your customers from those mishaps that can cripple your business. Talk with a broker from the Nowell Agency about safeguarding your Florida restaurant. We work with you to get you the best coverage with reasonable rates.

5 Suggestions to Keep Customer Loyalty in Your Restaurant

When you take some time to get out of the kitchen, you can build relationships with your clientele, resulting in a loyal crowd. Here are some suggestions to keep the customers happy and coming back for more:

  1. Make customer service the highest priority: Inattentive or rude staff members will frustrate a customer more than a cold appetizer. Train your team to treat each person that comes in as a welcomed guest.
  2. Ensure your staff knows what you sell: Servers should not only know what is on the menu, but also what the ingredients are. Why? People want to know what they are eating, especially if they have allergies.
  3. Prioritize cleaning: It is not possible to keep a restaurant as pristine as the day it opened. However, it is vital to keep all areas as clean as possible. This includes the dishes, silverware, furniture, and restrooms.
  4. Stay consistent: Your customers will find their favorite dish and will order it each time they visit. If you establish consistent practices for preparing dishes, they will feel confident that they will receive the same food quality every time they visit.
  5. Listen to what your customers are saying: Feedback is a fantastic way to gauge what is working and what isn’t. Social media is one of the easiest ways to gather feedback. Remember that all comments can be valuable, including the negative ones.

Safeguard Your Florida Kitchen with Restaurant Insurance from the Nowell Agency

Keep cooking your famous recipes and enticing your clientele while protecting your business with restaurant insurance. The brokers at the Nowell Agency are ready to help you with the best policies to ensure you can continue serving your clientele while protecting your enterprise. For more than 30 years, we have assisted business owners like you. Contact us and discover the difference our team makes.

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