The Nowell Agency Participates in the 2016 Governor’s Export Summit

The International Trade Office of the Mississippi Development Authority is organizing their 2016 Governor’s Export Summit. The Awards for Excellence in Exporting Ceremony will take place on August 26, 2016. The summit will provide local firms with access to partners, vendors and innovative ideas for starting or expanding international trade. The Nowell Agency will also be attending the summit and our team will be available to counsel businesses about the proper insurance coverage and risk management techniques suitable for export trade.

At The Nowell Agency, we are always looking for new opportunities, identify growing concerns and risks that our customers face. Working with several insurance providers, we look for ways to safeguard customers against risk and liability. Export credit insurance is one such product to help businesses that are trading across borders to stay secure and guard against risk with the right coverage in place.

Export Credit Insurance at the Forefront of the Summit

Companies in the United States need to remain competitive when entering international markets. Most companies, however, are wary about working with new or emerging markets, especially where credit is not established. With export credit insurance, companies can now offer competitive rates for exports, but also protect themselves from the risk of non-payment on exported goods.

At the summit, The Nowell Agency will meet one-on-one with companies that sign up for a consultation to discuss and provide guidance on how to protect a new or existing export business. Most importantly, our team will be able to help these companies assess their risks in the industry and implement risk management techniques that keep their businesses thriving despite the fluctuations of the global marketplace. We will also have a variety of export credit insurance products in place to help these emerging businesses properly cover their exports and business as a whole.

Some other topics that will be explored at the summit include:

  • Export planning
  • Trade financing
  • Legal procedures for proper exporting
  • Intermodal logistics
  • Website design and digital marketing
  • Market research
  • Prospecting

Why Work with The Nowell Agency for Your Insurance Needs?

The export industry is highly competitive; businesses that are already in the export trade have already experienced this, while new players in the market must look for ways to find a strong foothold. It can be risky to deal with new or emerging markets in developing countries. Established markets have evolved and it can be challenging to meet the accepted industry standards and best practices in order to compete. For years, The Nowell Agency has helped hundreds of companies like yours expand internationally. With our export credit insurance options, you can expand beyond borders with confidence and establish practices that preserve your business. All of the policies created through The Nowell Agencies are backed by some of the best insurers in the nation. We work to find the right level of coverage based on your unique business properties and risks.

Experience the difference of working with a skilled, knowledgeable insurance broker. Contact The Nowell Agency today to learn more about your business insurance options. Give us a call at a location near you.

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