Employee Benefits

Do Employee Benefits Deliver A Better Workforce?

Employee benefits are fundamental to attracting quality employees and boosting morale within the workplace. While many employees may not expect a substantial benefits package, almost all are thrilled when they discover that their employer is going above and beyond to protect the wellbeing of themselves and their family.

Offering an employee benefits package provides numerous benefits for you:

  • A solid benefits package can help attract and retain a higher quality employee
  • Companies can receive tax benefits of deducting plan contributions
  • Often employees will accept a strong benefits package as part of their salary, which may result in savings for the company
  • Providing group benefits may cost less for the business owner, versus pursing personal/private benefits at a higher rate
  • Benefits such as health insurance, wellness benefits and sick days can help to reduce absenteeism and improve overall employee health and morale

Compare a company that does not offer employee benefits to one that does – the difference in productivity and profits will be clear.

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What Kind of Employee Benefits Should I Offer?

In addition to health insurance, what types of employee benefits do most employees find appealing? While you can choose from a smattering of benefits, some of the most popular and motivational benefits are:

  • Dental: a healthy smile is the face of your business – support dental health for all employees
  • Vision: being able to read reports and work with clients is the mainstay of your business – cover your employees for vision care
  • Health Savings Plans (HSA): allows employees to set aside pre-tax income to use toward other health expenses not covered by health insurance
  • Group health insurance: coverage that encourages wellness check ups
  • Disability coverage: coverage in the event your employee becomes chronically ill
  • Life insurance: protection for your employees and their loved ones

For a solid package of employee benefits, turn to the Nowell Agency. We’ve been one of the top rated insurance providers for the past 27 years and can offer a diverse and attractive group of employee benefits that your Mississippi and Alabama employees will most certainly find beneficial.

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