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What you Need to Know about Medicare Supplement Insurance in Mississippi

The purpose of Medicare supplement insurance plans is to cover some or all of the medical expenses not paid by Medicare Part A and Part B. That is, Medicare supplement insurance plans are designed to limit your overall annual out-of-pocket medical expenses by paying where Medicare leaves off.

Medicare supplement insurance plans – sometimes called ‘Medigap’ plans – are supposed to be easy for seniors to manage because you’re approved without a medical exam during a specific period known as the ‘guaranteed issue period’. Unfortunately, it’s important to get the best information you can to find the right supplemental insurance policy, and that can take some skill.

Each senior has unique needs and desires, and our experienced Medicare supplement insurance experts can provide options that meet even the most customized health care needs – for seniors, and for their caring and concerned family members.

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Mississippians are Finding Medicare Supplement Insurance with The Nowell Agency

Medicare supplement insurance plans in Mississippi cover those costs that can add up quickly and sneakily eat away at a senior’s fixed income. Those costs include things like:

  • deductibles
  • co-payments
  • prescriptions
  • medical services
  • treatments
  • therapies
  • diagnostic tests

Most individuals are eligible for Medicare coverage at age 65 and by that time, they should have figured out what Medicare supplement insurance plan they want to add as well. Open enrollment occurs every year for those who qualify for Medicare and it’s at that time that seniors are able to make changes to their supplement plans quickly and easily – adding services, removing those that are unnecessary, enrolling in a new plan, or canceling the plan entirely.

No matter what time of year, however, understanding your Medicare supplement insurance options in Mississippi is the best way to be sure you’re getting what you need. Start by contacting a Medicare supplement insurance specialist to learn more about your options.

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