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Buying Insurance in Mississippi

You may have noticed that the insurance landscape has changed significantly. There is an overwhelming growth in the number of insurance providers, brokers and agents, making choice a difficult decision. Buying insurance in Mississippi from the Nowell Agency means you’re working with a team of professionals who stand ready to help business owners and individuals get the ideal insurance package rather than a one-size-fits-all policy.

There is no doubt about it; we all need expert, knowledgeable pros watching our back when it comes to insurance. Get too much insurance and you could be throwing money away. Have too little, and you are exposed to legal and financial risks should something unpredictable happen.

Working with an experienced insurance agency is the only way to get the right advice. You need a well-planned and thoughtfully tailored insurance coverage plan to protect your assets – both business and private.

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Where Mississippians Buy their Personal and Business Insurance

Working with the Nowell Agency puts you in touch with a staff of Mississippi-based professional insurance experts that can help with:

  • Personal insurance – protecting your family and your hard-earned money, equity, and assets is critical to your financial security. We’ll tailor a personal insurance strategy that meets your needs while keeping costs under control. From home to auto, boat, flood, identity theft, and more, we’ll help you determine your insurance needs and protect your family.
  • Business insurance – whether you’re a retailer, a manufacturer, a non-profit, contractor, even self-employed; we can help you protect your personal and business assets while watching the bottom line. Business insurance isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for all business owners who must be prepared to face the possibility of a damaging lawsuit.
  • Health insurance and employee benefits – while an attractive benefits package helps bring in the best employees, finding coverage that meets a diverse group of employees can be hard. Plus, the changes in the health insurance requirements mean that businesses are scrambling to figure out the best options. Know what type of package is best suited to your organization’s needs.

Even if you don’t know quite what type of protection you need, our team will help you assess the risks and put together a custom package designed to meet your unique requirements, within your budget.

Consult the right team of experts and request an insurance quote online. Or call us at 601.992.4444 to discuss your needs and the options available to you when buying insurance in Mississippi


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