Alabama is Among the Top 10 States for Bundled Insurance Coverage

If you have lately been on the hunt for insurance coverage, whether for home, auto, business, or farm, you may have noticed in your research that bundling is the best way to lower premiums. Many consumers and businesses bundle their insurance coverages, but when it comes to bundled savings, Alabama hits the list of the top 10 states for significant savings. Most Alabama residents that purchase home and auto insurance from the same insurer receive an average annual savings of $385, according to a study quoted in the Birmingham Business Journal. In the study, Alabama ranked ninth for auto-home insurance savings.

Why Bundling Makes Sense

Bundling has a few worthwhile benefits and insurance companies are eager to make their products and services more cost-efficient for customers that choose to bundle. When looking for an insurance quote in Birmingham, Alabama, you may want to consider bundling because:

  • Deeper Discounts – To secure your business, insurers will gladly offer bundling discounts ranging from 10 to 20 percent. The more policies you bundle through the same insurer, the higher the discount.
  • Convenience – When you bundle policies through a single company, you reduce the amount of paperwork that you need to track as well as the amount of paper the insurance company has to send you each month. Policy management at home becomes simpler too – just one file, one policy number and one insurer.
  • One Renewal Date – When policies expire, you have to worry about finding a new company or renewing on the expiration date. With a single, bundled policy, you have one renewal date to remember and you do not have to contact multiple insurance companies to renew at different times throughout the year.
  • Easier Claims – When you need to file a claim, you have just one company to contact as well.
  • Coverage Gaps are Easier to Find – When you have just one insurer, you can close coverage gaps that are more common when you buy policies from multiple companies.

Finding Bundling Opportunities – Ask a Trusted Broker for an Insurance Quote in Birmingham

Bundling for maximum benefit requires the assistance of an insurance expert. If you want to bundle policies and save, speak with an independent insurance broker. The Nowell Agency, Inc. can help you pinpoint what coverages you need and which insurers offer the right amount of coverage with suitable discounts applied.

To schedule your appointment and find affordable, bundled policies, speak to the knowledgeable brokers in our Alabama office at 877-813-9568. You can also request a quote online for bundled insurance policies.


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