How to Find the Right Mississippi Insurance Agent for Your Business

Suggestions from the Team at The Nowell Agency

Finding a good insurance agent for your business is a lot like finding a good mechanic. You trust your mechanic to assess your car, listen to your concerns, and offer solutions to fix the problem. The same goes for insurance agents in Mississippi. You need someone to partner with you in determining your company’s coverage needs. They should be able to find any gaps and find alternatives to fill them.

Choose your next broker by talking with them and asking questions. The knowledgeable brokers at The Nowell Agency work with a variety of companies in different industries. We understand your concerns and are here to help you gain peace of mind. Talk to us before you sign up with the first insurance agent on your list.

5 Suggestions for Finding Mississippi Insurance Agents for Your Business Needs

You would not go to the Internet and pick the first mechanic listed on the page would you? Here are five suggestions to aid you in finding the right agent for you and your business:

  1. Ask for Referrals: Ask for referrals from other business owner friends or associates. They may have some insight into brokers and agents who specialize in business insurance.
  2. Talk with Them: Once you have a few listed, take the time to set up an appointment and chat with them. Consider how they treat you. Do they take time to listen to you about your needs and challenges? Are they able to answer all your questions? Are they prompt in returning calls? How do they handle claims?
  3. Listen to their Suggestions: They should be able to listen to what you are saying and offer suggestions to protect your company. Listen for any tips to help you lower your rates, reduce chances of theft, or reduce the likelihood of injuries. Do they offer ideas to reduce your business-related losses?
  4. Look for and Ask for Credentials: It is okay to ask about your prospective agent’s background and experience. They should be appropriately licensed. Many will also have letters behind their names representing designations they have earned. Feel free to ask them what they mean.
  5. Decide What Type of Agent with Whom You Want to Work: There are two types of agents – those that represent only one company called a “captive agent” and those that represent several companies called “independent agents.” There are pros and cons to each, so you will need to decide what works best for you.

Find Competent Mississippi Insurance Agents at The Nowell Agency

Treat the task of finding your insurance agent as you would any professional utilizing sound research. Then head over to The Nowell Agency to speak with our brokers. We will sit with you and discuss your needs and concerns. Next, we will design a custom plan to give your company the best protection at reasonable rates. You can find a partner in safeguarding your operations when you work with us.

Call one of our offices near you to schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable and experienced Mississippi insurance agent at The Nowell Agency about small business coverage. Request a quote online.


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