Flood Insurance

Having flood insurance in Mississippi is very important. Mississippi has many rivers including the Mississippi River and the state is prone to episodes of severe rainfall. These rivers and tributaries can easily exceed flood stage after one of these heavy rainfalls. Mississippi is also a coastal state and exposed to hurricanes, the storm surge of which can cause heavy flooding. This is why having flood insurance is an important part of prudent people’s overall insurance package if they live in Mississippi. The flood peril is excluded in the regular homeowner’s policies so insurance for flood must be purchased separately in order to have flood insurance coverage.

The Nowell Agency has offices across the state of Mississippi and can provide assistance in determining the correct flood insurance rate, which is based on flood maps. It is important to understand what flood zone a house is located in to determine the correct flood insurance rate.

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The Nowell Agency also offers commercial flood insurance for businesses and commercial properties. Please contact any of our Mississippi offices to obtain assistance with getting your business properly protected from the peril of flood. Don’t wait until it’s too late and flood waters are creeping in your doors.


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