Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft Insurance: How You Can Avoid Being A Victim

According to the Better Business Bureau Fraud Survey Report, 1 in every 23 consumers are impacted by identity theft, making the need for identity theft insurance extremely important. With thousands of dollars being stolen from hard-working Americans each day, consumers must be vigilant in order to protect themselves.

Some steps you can take today:

  • Don’t carry all of your personal information in your wallet. In the event your purse or wallet is stolen or lost, you won’t have to be concerned that another person could take your information to create new accounts or siphon funds
  • Always take ATM and credit/debit card receipts. Destroy them in the shredder to avoid having your card number copied
  • Never provide personal information such as your social security number over the phone or online to strangers
  • Shop at only secure online sites. You’ll know the site is secure if the browser status bar begins with https rather than http.
  • Educate yourself about online scams such as phishing or pharming. Never respond to an email from someone you don’t know who may be asking for personal information such as bank account, credit card or social security numbers
  • Install anti-spyware or firewalls on your computer
  • Read your bank and credit card statements. While some banks and credit card companies will notify you of suspicious activity, certain transactions may fall through the wayside
  • Check your credit report every year. You are eligible for a free copy once a year through any of the large credit bureaus such as Experian and Equifax
  • Don’t write passwords in your day planner or phone book. Passwords should always be hidden and placed with locked files

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What Type of Protection Does Identity Insurance Coverage Provide?

Although you know there is a need for identity theft insurance, what exactly do you get with a Mississippi or Alabama policy? Included in most identity theft insurance is:

  • Reimbursements for expenses involving the restoration of your identity
  • Expense restoration for medical ID fraud
  • Payment for new social security, driver’s license
  • Recovery from lost wages due to identity theft
  • Coverage for attorney fees
  • Remediation services to help restore credit and your identity
  • Credit counseling services

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