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What Does A Personal Articles Insurance Policy Cover?

Individuals should consider personal articles coverage because general home, health or life insurance policies may not cover your most valuable possessions. Items such as priceless family heirlooms, paintings and jewels are some items most people will think of. In addition, electronics, DVDs of your family, sporting equipment and bikes are also covered under this type of policy.

What are the benefits of having a personal articles insurance policy?

  • Additional coverage for personal property not covered under your homeowner’s policy
  • Ideal for protecting valuables or family heirlooms
  • Coverage in the event of theft to personal items
  • Protection against damage, which may reduce the personal item’s value
  • Coverage for valuable electronics including water damage, theft or loss

Without coverage, once the item is damaged and destroyed you won’t have the money to replace or repair the item without personal articles insurance.

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How to Find a Personal Articles Insurance Company

Once you’ve established that you need personal articles coverage, how can you find a reputable agency to handle your needs? Not all insurance companies offer personal articles coverage so it’s important to first find the right company in your area that provide this type of policy.

After identifying a few, look for certain qualities of a strong insurance company. A knowledgeable personal articles insurance company will:

  • Perform a full policy evaluation: examine current policies to determine if personal articles are currently covered
  • Identify vulnerable areas: conduct an interview to find the areas that should be covered
  • Recommend appropriate policy: make recommendations based on your current coverage and needs
  • Provide competitive rates: partner personalized service with competitive rates
  • Communicate on an ongoing basis: insurance needs grow and change as your needs evolve. An experienced insurance agent stays in touch with clients to make recommendations and suggestions in order to provide the best coverage available

That’s why Nowell Agency has been one of the top rated insurance providers for the past 27 years. Our team of skilled underwriters brings education, experience and insight to our practice, which provides our clients with the competitive edge.

From Mississippi and Alabama to the entire southeastern portion of the U.S. Nowell Agency has been the first company individuals depend upon for personal articles insurance coverage.

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