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While farmers and ranchers know the difference, those who are new to the terms wonder what’s the difference between a farm and a ranch. The short answer is this: a farm is typically for crop growing and a ranch is for livestock production. You may call your piece of the American dream a farm or a ranch, but either way it’s more than that – it’s your home, your source of income, and your way of life. It deserves to be protected with the right ranch insurance.

What Kind of Protection Comes with Ranch Insurance?

Whether your ranch is large or small, you have equipment, outbuildings, livestock and more that can and should be protected from loss due to unexpected events like natural disasters, diseases, injuries, etc. Even if you rent out all or a portion of your ranch land or buildings to another person, it’s important to be sure that it’s protected from accidents that can happen. Here is some of the coverage you can get with farm and ranch insurance:

  • Personal property replacement coverage
  • Coverage on scheduled personal property
  • Earthquake, tornado, hurricane, hail or volcanic eruption coverage
  • Coverage for portable tools and equipment
  • Coverage for outdoor antennas and satellite dish
  • Coverage for credit/debit card, forgery and counterfeit money
  • Construction multiple perils protection
  • Office coverage including personal computer and electronic equipment

When it comes to choosing the right ranch insurance, it’s important to work with an insurance agency that understands how to protect your ranch operation and your investment.

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Is it Necessary to Work with an Insurance Agent for Ranch Insurance?

Ranch insurance is complicated and you want to be sure you’re protected while getting the most affordable plan. That being said, you may not be aware of all the risks associated with operating your ranch. An experienced ranch insurance agent has the knowledge and can guide you. Your risks vary depending on whether you are operating your entire ranch or whether you’re renting out a portion of your land or property to another entity.

Our experienced agents will help you determine the value of your property, livestock, equipment and other assets and find a plan that works for you. In most cases, we’ll find multiple plans and help you compare the coverage, supplemental coverage, limits and deductibles to get the plan to the right mixture of affordable and full coverage.

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