Life after COVID-19 – Pick Up the Pieces with a Strategic Plan

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Anyone who’s been in business long enough has learned how to ride out storms like recessions. However, the coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020 has many of us scratching our heads. How in the world did a microscopic germ wreak so much havoc in our modern society? This virus caused the world to close down quickly. As society begins opening up, companies are left scrambling to figure out their next steps. Often, the biggest question is, ‘Are we going to make it through this?’

You can survive this through some strategic planning. The team at The Nowell Agency in Alabama stands ready to assist you in developing a small business insurance plan to give you peace of mind. We can help by looking at your existing policies, finding any gaps, and offering customized solutions at reasonable rates.

4 Steps to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Organization

Business owners across the country are struggling to figure out the best next steps. Recently, an article published in the Houston Business Journal discussed how to develop a strategic plan for your organization, as many states open up. Here are the main points to assist you in planning your enterprise’s future:

  1. Take a hard look at your finances. Where are you losing money, and why? It’s not about solving the issue at this moment, but it gives you a better picture moving forward. One option, suggested in the article, is to focus on “selling your higher-margin products and services and discontinuing high-volume, low-margin products.” The reasoning is that low-margin products can eat up precious resources fast.
  2. Bring operations into order. Do you know where you’re getting the most value, as well as where you’re wasting money? It may be time to prioritize what are considered must-haves and what are nice-to-haves.
  3. Focus on improving marketing and sales. Now is an excellent time to revisit your ideal client, and what product or service fills their need. By understanding the best margins of your offerings and learning about the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, you can place yourself in a better position for the future even if a recession occurs.
  4. Learn to manage more effectively. Management applies to you as a sole proprietor or your team if you have employees. You may need to learn some new ways to lead others, as well as yourself. For example, you may focus on transparency and open communications with those you manage as well as your vendors.

Let The Nowell Agency Help Assess Your Risk and Provide Small Business Insurance

Take the necessary steps now to establish a solid foundation for your company’s future. With over 30 years of experience, The Nowell Agency’s brokers offer support through sharing our knowledge so you have the information you need to make the critical decisions necessary. Keep your business safeguarded with our help.

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