Build a Safety Net for Your Florida Company with Small Business Insurance

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of having support. It starts with your family backing your decision to start your company. It continues with your employees and the team you build and the customers buying your products and services. You depend on suppliers and vendors to provide materials to build buildings, wax floors, or landscape your property. It takes many cogs to turn the wheels that keep your enterprise moving.
A reliable and experienced insurance brokerage should be on your short list for support. With the right policies in place, your Florida company can bounce back from a variety of mishaps such as injury, accidents, and theft. The team at The Nowell Agency are always ready with an open mind and an eagle eye to ascertain your needs and develop a comprehensive small business insurance plan that fits your criteria.

Segments of Small Business Insurance to Give You Added Support

No one succeeds in business without help. Having the right insurance coverage in place gives you the peace of mind you need, so you can keep things running. Consider how the following policies offer protection:

  • General Liability: Probably the most widely-known of all types of insurance, general liability provides help in the event of a claim of bodily injury, property damage, or false advertising.
  • Business Interruption: This additional coverage steps in to ease the burden from lost revenue and profits for a covered event. You can get back to pre-disaster days quickly.
  • Commercial Umbrella: When policy limits are maxed out, commercial umbrella coverage extends protection as an added safety net.
  • Cyber-Insurance: The World Wide Web is terrific for many things. It is also a cyber-criminals haven. You need extra protection in the event your database is hacked and customer information compromised.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Get help with the different buildings and equipment that your company owns, rents, or leases.
  • Employment Practices: In today’s litigious society, it is easy to fall prey to claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, or breach of employment contracts. This type of insurance can help.
  • Casualty: Sometimes, negligent acts or omissions occur which result in damages to both property and people. When this happens, you will be glad to have the extra protection of casualty insurance.

Work with the Professionals at The Nowell Agency for Your Florida Contractor Insurance

Determining the best mix of policies for your specific industry shouldn’t be done alone. Enlist the assistance of the knowledgeable brokers at The Nowell Agency. For more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting small to mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons with insurance services. We work with several industries and understand the unique needs you face. Let us review your current policies and see how we can design a plan to fill in any gaps.

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