Revisit Your Tennessee Farm Insurance

– Is Your Equine Farm Adequately Protected?

As a farmer and owner of horses, you understand that there are unique liability exposures you face on a daily basis. Some of these may not be adequately protected through traditional farm protection. When it comes to your horses, it is not just about income, it is also about the wellness, value and beauty of these equine assets you own. To protect your investment, you need farm insurance in Tennessee that specifically addresses the uniqueness of your farming property.

What Types of Coverages and Options Are there?

Farm insurance can cover stables, barns, your farmhouse, silos, etc. However, you will want to add separate coverage terms to protect your equine property. What should you consider?

  • Injury or death to the horse. Horses can succumb to disease, poor weather conditions or accidentally wander out on the road where they are struck by a passing vehicle. All of these situations, while grim, are worth considering when looking into farm insurance policies.
  • Liability protection if your horse injures someone. Horses can sometimes get frightened, stressed or intimidated and react in startling ways. If your horse reacts unexpectedly and accidentally hurts someone, having adequate liability protection on the property could make a difference. Also, if the general public visits your farm or ranch, you want protection, especially if the visitors may ride, pet or interact with the horses in any way.
  • Optional coverages for the unexpected. You may want to add optional coverages that offer protection for services such as boarding, training, breeding, etc.
  • Insuring show horses or breeding horses. You may have also invested in a horse specifically for breeding (studs) or you have a well-trained horse competing in regional shows. These types of horses are significant investments and high in value. By speaking with an experienced insurance broker, you can ensure that the policy you have for your farm adequately covers the value specifically of that horse.

Speak with a Broker Regarding Your Farm Insurance in Tennessee

For your horse farm, do not rely solely on generic farm or property insurance. It is highly recommended that you meet with a broker who understands the complexities of insuring an equine farm. The Nowell Agency, Inc. can help you with a no obligation risk assessment and evaluation of your existing farm insurance policy.

To schedule your assessment and evaluation, call our Tennessee insurance professionals at 888-539-6218. You can also request a quote online for farm insurance.


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