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Not many people realize that a non-farm, large lawn and garden tractor should be insured. Unfortunately, they become aware of the importance of tractor insurance only after something has happened, but by then it is too late. Tractor rollovers and malfunctions can happen no matter how careful you are or how well you maintain your equipment. Loss, accident or damage is not always within your control. Why take a chance? A tractor is an important piece of equipment (and a sizeable investment) whether you are using it on a farm or your lawn and garden.

One of the important things to remember while looking for tractor insurance is to get the coverage that applies to you and your situation.

  • Talk to your agent about your specific requirements.
  • Make the insurance agent aware of the size and type of tractor you have or intend to use or your policy could be voided when you need it most
  • Ask about the type of coverage you require i.e. comprehensive, collision, liability, etc.

Many tractor owners are confused about whether or not it is covered by their homeowner’s policy. Read your home insurance policy and clarify your doubts with your insurance agent. More importantly, verify the limitations. You may not necessarily like what you hear but it is in your best interests to be aware. Insurance coverage, if any, is specific to the size, type and where the tractor is being used. Do not assume that your tractor is covered.

Some owners are under the impression that the tractor insurance made available to them by the manufacturer, retailed or dealer (for a fee) during the loan or financing period will continue. This is not true. It covers the specific period only.

For accurate information and appropriate coverage it is best to consult tractor insurance professionals or insurance agents that specialize in farm and landscaping equipment. They are in the best position to advise and help you get the type of protection that you are looking for.

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