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4 Flood Preparation Tips

One of the most destructive and common natural disasters in the U.S. is a flood, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Floods can come from rain, snowmelt, storms, or high tide, which means that no area is safe from the risk of flooding. Floods cause massive amounts of damage to property and infrastructure, cause power outages, trigger landslides, and more. What’s scary is that it only takes an inch or two of water for significant damage to your home. For this reason, homeowners must take steps to prepare for floods as well as know what to do if they happen. The Nowell Agency shares four ways you can better protect your home by preparing for a possible flood event.

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How to Prepare for a Flood

How do people plan for a flood? It’s all in the details BEFORE such an event occurs. The simplest form of protection is to avoid buying a home in a floodplain. Next to that, reviewing a few other flood safety tips may help save your family and home!

1.Know Your Flood Risk

Familiarize yourself with the peak time for flooding in your area. For example, if you live in a coastal region, the hurricane season is the most likely flood period (June-November) and the Midwest area is more prone to floods during the summer rainstorms. If you live in a low-lying area, be consistently prepared for a higher risk of flooding. It’s also a good idea to sign up for flood alert systems such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) so you’ll be notified of any risks. 

  1. Make a Flood Emergency Plan

This starts with creating a flood emergency kit that has the essentials you’ll need. Then put a flood safety plan in place with your family which outlines where you will meet if separated, the location of the nearest flood emergency shelter, your flood evacuation routes, where your emergency flood kit is located, and what to do once a flood begins. For your kit, be sure to include food, phone chargers, clothing, blankets, and other essentials. Experts also recommend storing a 3 day supply of water, consisting of at least 1 gallon of water per day for each person and each pet. 

  1. Get Your Home Ready for a Flood

A little pre-planning goes a long way in terms of preparing your home for a flood. Elevate your electronics, water heater, and furnace. Waterproof your basement and keep drains and gutters cleared. It’s also a good idea to have sandbags on hand. 

  1. Buy the Best Flood Insurance

Since floods can occur anywhere, at any time, it’s always the wisest course of action to have a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan that includes floods or purchase a stand-alone flood insurance policy. That way you can be sure to have proper coverage for your home and items if such a disaster strikes. 

What to do if a Flood Watch or Warning is Issued

  • Review your safety plan
  • Make sure to have a full tank of gas in your car 
  • Move valuables up to higher levels of your home, if possible
  • Place sandbags to divert water away from entering the home
  • Bring in outdoor items or tie them down securely
  • If evacuation becomes necessary, turn off all utilities and the gas valve
  • Charge up your phones
  • Tune your radio to be alerted of weather updates, disaster directions, and signals
  • Gather your emergency kit and other important items in a waterproof bag (medical records, forms of ID, etc.)
  • Collect portable food and water
  • Move to higher ground or out of the area immediately if an evacuation order is issued

Best Flood Insurance 

While you will not be able to prevent natural disasters such as floods from striking, paying attention to your flood preparation checklist can help mitigate the resulting damage. These preparations might protect your home from flooding, but it’s also important that you consult with a flood insurance agent at Nowell Agency. We can help ensure the protection of everything in your house and let you know how much coverage is necessary for your flood risk level. Avoid major financial fallout from such a disaster by finding the right flood insurance protection plan with the Nowell Agency. We’re here to help now with a call or click


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