Alabama Fleet Insurance – Tips for Growing Small Businesses

As your small business grows, you may find yourself in the need for Alabama fleet insurance. From delivery drivers to municipal contractors, there is no end to the number of businesses that work profitably because of efficient fleets that get the job done. Some small businesses that could benefit from Alabama fleet insurance include the following:

  • Caterers
  • Car rental companies
  • Heating and ventilation service providers
  • Cleaning and sanitation companies
  • Cargo fleets
  • Telephone, cable and technical support services

Fleet insurance has some unique features that are designed to cover a number of work vehicles. The following are important tips for growing small businesses with more than one company vehicle of any type.

1. Don’t Restrict Physical Damage Limits

Having a fleet of vehicles means you may have more to lose – sometimes all at once – if one or more of those vehicles is damaged. Think about how a natural disaster in your area could ruin your fleet, putting your business income at risk to the point that it may not survive. Don’t restrict the physical damage limits on your Alabama fleet insurance in order to save some money. Think about the coverage you need for malfunctioning vehicles, collisions, vandalism, falling objects, and more.

2. Protect the Products you Deliver

The more vehicles in your fleet, the more products, merchandise, and equipment is out of your control. Adding coverage to your fleet insurance to protect the items inside those company vehicles is essential to ensuring that you can replace goods and cover the cost if they don’t arrive safely.

3. Invest in Roadside Assistance

While most companies with multiple vehicles can replace them regularly, small businesses that face breakdowns on company vehicles have a tough challenge. Towing and labor gets expensive and contracts can be lost when products don’t arrive on time. There is no guarantee your fleet drivers will handle an emergency situation promptly either. Investing in roadside assistance ensures that your products arrive on time, even if a second vehicle has to be sent out to get the job done.

A busy and growing small business is exciting, but operational issues such as your vehicle fleet not being up to standard can cost you. Having the right fleet insurance is important.

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