When Buying Insurance in Jackson, Mississippi, Check for Gaps

Lots of people buy insurance in Jackson, Mississippi and they never look at it again. As you add and get rid of furniture, electronics, cars, and more, your insurance needs change. As you have children and they grow up and move out on their own, your insurance needs change again. Don’t wait only for big life events to happen before you check the gaps in your insurance coverage. Experts recommend reviewing your insurance at least once a year with a qualified insurance broker.

1. Check Your Coverage for Natural Disasters in Jackson, Mississippi

Damage from natural disasters and extreme weather events like floods and earthquakes may fall within a gap in your standard insurance coverage. Mother Nature is full of surprises, and without adequate insurance, your home or condo may not be covered in the event a natural disaster causes damage. If you haven’t reviewed your insurance plans in some time, you may be surprised to find that the insurance limits are too low to fully replace your home and belongings.

2. Running the Carpool? Cover your Risks

Did you know that the more people you have in a vehicle at the time of an accident, the higher the potential liability risks? If you are running the carpool for school or work, for example, you have increased risk. Many people who carpool or drive others do not have enough liability insurance to protect the passengers in their cars.

3. Stop Car Window-Shoppers Cold

People leave things in their cars every day. Your phone drops into the door pocket, a bag is left on the floor, a computer is tucked under the seat, and so on. When thieves are car window-shopping they can steal quite a lot of stuff. Are you properly covered for all of the items you leave in your car?

When you buy insurance, the tendency is to buy it and forget about it. Instead, we urge you to review your insurance in Jackson, Mississippi with a knowledgeable insurance broker and discover the gaps. Insurance rules change all the time and so does the property you own. You could be under or over-insured and paying too much.

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