Unusual Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance in Jackson, Mississippi

Like homeowner’s insurance, most people buy their car insurance when they buy their car and then they forget about it. In some cases, they over-pay for years before they decide to refresh their memory. The goal then is to verify where their policy stands and whether they have enough or too much car insurance in Jackson, Mississippi. We are all busy and have a lot on our minds. Here are some unexpected and unusual ways you can save money on your car insurance.

Buy a Car No One Wants to Steal

It costs more to insure vehicles that are high-end, sporty and luxurious. These fancy wheels are a popular target with thieves, costly to repair and replace parts, expensive to run on premium fuel, and so on. Do your research ahead of time. Find out whether the car you are buying is a low-profile car and likely to cost you less in insurance over the lifetime of the vehicle or not.

Lose the Coverage You Don’t Need

Every year, the value of your car declines or experiences what is known as depreciation. At some point it’s may no longer be necessary to have collision and comprehensive coverage on an older car with low market value. Such coverage is often not worth it because any claims you make won’t exceed the cost of the insurance plus the deductible. Work with an experienced insurance agent to understand your car’s value and how much car insurance in Jackson, Mississippi you really need.

Save More and Raise your Deductible Again

There’s nothing to say that you can’t keep saving in an emergency fund and raise your deductible once every six months or a year. If you started out with a deductible of $500 for example, but you saved $1,000 in your rainy day fund, then raise your deductible again. Depending on the interest rates, you may not be earning a lot of extra on that savings account, but you’re earning more than you think by not overpaying for a low-deductible car insurance policy.

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