Child Care Center Insurance: A Quick Overview

Child care center insurance is aimed at providing coverage for lawsuits and medical expenses in the event of an accident and injury. This can include, not only the children who are in your care, but your employees and volunteers as well. No matter how careful you are, accidents can and do happen—at the center or when you take kids to the playground, for a walk in the neighborhood or an excursion. The right policy can serve to protect your interest, ownership and business.

Who should have child care insurance?

  • In-home day care providers
  • Group and commercial childcare centers
  • Head Start programs
  • Before-and-after-school programs

Do not assume that your home insurance policy will cover accidents, injuries or damages that occur in your home daycare business. Child care insurance is a special type of coverage that was designed to meet the specific requirements of this type of operation. While policies have a varying set of options, liability and property coverage are must-haves.

What Items to Include in Your Child Care Center Insurance Policy*

Here is an overview to help you discuss and determine the essentials of an insurance policy covering your child care center:

  • Building: This may cover damages to the structure of your childcare center in the event of a fire, severe weather, theft or a property crime
  • Contents: This may be useful to protect equipment, furniture and any items you may use for your child care center including books, toys, computers, TV and other electronics.
  • Outdoor equipment: This can include swing sets, sporting equipment, sandboxes and any items you may have in an outdoor play area.
  • Professional liability: This may help to cover lawsuits alleging negligence or physical, mental and emotional abuse by you or a member of your childcare team.
  • Commercial vehicle: This is necessary if you have one or more vehicles that are used to transport children at your center to and from home, school or extra-curricular activities.
  • General liability: This is recommended for any business that is likely to have the public visiting them. It may cover bodily injury or property damage that might occur during business operations. For instance, if a child trips and falls, you could be sued for negligence and injury irrespective of whether they were in your care or just visiting. In the event the injury requires medical attention, you may have to cover the cost.
  • Worker’s compensation: This insurance pays benefits including covering medical expenses and loss of pay in the event an employee is injured while working in your child care center.
  • Loss of income: This can cover loss of income from covered claims, additional expenses arising out of temporary closure of your child care center and compensation to maintain income when repairs are underway.

Get Child Care Center Insurance Today

Many states including Mississippi, require child care center insurance even if you are operating out of your home. With each operation having a unique set of needs and risks, it is important to ensure you have the right coverage. At The Nowell Agency, we have over three decades of experience serving child and adult day care centers. We know and understand your risks and can help you minimize your liabilities. Through expert risk assessment and privileged access to all major insurance providers, we are able to provide the protection you require at competitive rates. You can depend on us to get the maximum coverage for your child care center insurance dollars.

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