Phishing Attacks on the Rise – Avoid Falling Prey

Suggestions to Help Stay Alert—from Your Experienced Texas Cyber Insurance Brokerage

Cybercriminals take advantage of every situation possible. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different. As people across the nation hunkered down, thieves ramped up their efforts to target you. Shortly after quarantined started, phishing emails concerning your stimulus check or your online order surfaced. Even parents of school-aged children received fictitious updates. They look legitimate enough but housed within that innocent-looking email is a malicious link ready to destroy your life and your business. They feed on our fears and anxiety and scammers know it’s the perfect time to pounce.

Protect your enterprise when you institute safe email practices. There is a lot you can do, but that does not mean you can thwart every attempt by a hacker or scammer. That’s where cyber insurance in Texas helps. Because we are in this together, the team at The Nowell Agency works hard to get you the best coverage and offers tips to increase computer and data safety.

5 Email Practices You Can Institute Now

Keep your wits about you when it comes to your email and safe data practices. Take a few minutes to review this list and share it with your team:

  1. Keep Passwords Secure – When you see an email asking you to verify your personal information or passwords, don’t respond. Your bank, utility company, or credit card issuer is not going to reach out and ask you these questions in an email. Don’t give out your passwords. You can go even further and regularly change them.
  2. Review Email Attachments with Great Scrutiny – Don’t be enticed to open an attachment from an unknown person or entity. It doesn’t matter what it promises. The results could be disastrous. Make it a rule to only open attachments that you were expecting to receive.
  3. Put Email Addresses and Signature Blocks under a Microscope – By changing one letter, a scammer can make their email addresses or signature blocks look legitimate. Take time to look at these items extremely closely, especially if the body of the message has links or it contains attachments. Pay attention to how grammar and syntax are used. Sometimes this can give a phony email away.
  4. Contact the Sender Using a Known Phone Number – That’s right. Feel free to pick up the phone and call the person who sent you the email, but use a phone number that you know belongs to them. This is an excellent way to ensure the email is legitimate and safe to open.
  5. Obtain Coronavirus Updates from Reliable Sources – Scammers are feeding off our need to know more about this virus and the pandemic. Be sure you obtain your information from trusted sources such as the CDC, your government officials, and trusted professionals.

Keep Your Inbox Healthy with Help from The Nowell Agency

Beat phishing scammers at their own game when you refuse to fall prey to their deception. Be sure to contact the knowledgeable brokers at The Nowell Agency for additional protection of your Texas business with cyber insurance. We assist with reviewing your current coverage and offering options to fill in any gaps. Contact us today and experience the difference our team makes.

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