Save Your Customers’ Data and Your Reputation with Cyber Insurance for Your Texas Business

For all the fun and useful ways the Internet has helped businesses and everyday folk, there are those out there who use the web for nefarious reasons. Many companies gather and store personal information from their clients. Online sites help with bookkeeping, and emails keep lines of communication open. When used correctly, much can get done, customers are happy to work with you, and your profits soar. All of that can be stripped from you with a simple computer virus.

Keep your customers’ data and your reputation intact with cyber insurance. As a responsible Texas business owner, you know the advantages of working with companies that can help you sustain and grow your business. The knowledgeable and licensed team of brokers at the Nowell Agency have your best interests in mind. We assist you with discovering any gaps in coverage so you can rest assured you can recover if and when a hacker attacks.

Reduce the Effects of Hackers with Cyber Insurance

Today’s technology helps you keep thousands of records in a tiny space. It allows you to reach millions of potential clients through online advertising. It also leaves you vulnerable if a cyber-criminal wants to infiltrate your server and steal financial records and customer data. Your needs may differ, so different policies can fill your unique needs, such as:

  • Restoring Computer Data Loss: Stolen or damaged computer equipment will quickly hinder your business’s ability to serve your customers. This type of coverage can help.
  • Paying for Forensic Investigation: Get help in tracking down cyber thugs with legal, technical, or forensic services.
  • Thwarting Hackers: When a hacker steals data, you will need assistance to recover.
  • Recovering from Cyber Theft and Fraud: Criminals that take data or steal money through funds transfers will cripple your business quickly.
  • Overcoming Extortion: When sensitive data is stolen, you need a team to help investigate the threat and help you take necessary measures to mitigate loss.
  • Protecting Your Reputation: It only takes a minor threat of a data breach to tarnish your brand.
  • Business Interruption: When cyber-criminals strike, it stops business just like a fire or flood will. However, the effects are harder to recover from since it isn’t visible like other things are.

Cyber Protection in Texas through The Nowell Agency

Beat cyber-criminals and hackers at their game when you protect your Texas business with cyber insurance. The experienced brokers at the Nowell Agency work with many different industries and insurance carriers. We understand that your needs may differ from other companies. We work with you to discern what will help you and design a custom-tailored plan to protect your business assets. Take advantage of our experience and expertise helping small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs for over three decades.

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