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Farm Insurance: Is It Worth the Cost to Mississippi Farm Owners?

If you are insuring your farm or ranch with traditional coverage, then you are could be putting your home and livelihood at risk. Farm insurance in Mississippi takes into account the special equipment, property and assets on a farm to ensure you are fully covered. Whether you have avoided it because of the cost or you simply think you do not need it, consider just how much you are risking without proper coverage.

What Farm Insurance in Mississippi Helps to Protect

Polices will vary and you will want to meet with an insurance broker to ensure that your specific farm assets and liabilities are covered. Having the right coverage can save you from having to endure the cost to replace:

  • Your Home – With careful planning and thought, your farm insurance policy may cover your personal dwelling and any personal property inside that dwelling as long as it is on the farm property.
  • Other Structures – From barns to buildings to water towers, your farm most likely has a few structures that you need to protect. The cost to replace them (and any property inside of them) could run into thousands of dollars—money that you can put to better use upgrading your farm equipment, maintaining your infrastructure and investing in high-grade raw materials. With proper insurance cover, you can save your finances for these profit-generating activities.
  • Livestock – Your farm or ranch may use livestock for income and you need coverage in the event of natural disaster.
  • Medical Expenses – If another individual is injured on your farm, you want insurance coverage that pays for any liability and medical costs associated with that injury; otherwise it comes out of your pocket.

The first step to finding the right type of farm insurance in Mississippi involves speaking to a local broker from an established agency. The Nowell Agency can assess your farm or ranch’s needs and find coverage based on your assets and liabilities. We also perform an in-depth risk assessment to identify any unforeseen risks you may not be aware of, so that you are fully covered.

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