Why It Is Important to Have Farm Insurance in Tennessee

Farms encounter risks everyday just through their normal operational activities. From owning or renting the land to selling products to dealing with the weather, there are many risks involved with the farming industry. It is, therefore, imperative you have farm insurance in Tennessee.

Recent statistics show that Tennessee is the fifth highest in the nation for insurance claims related to tornado damage. Also, according to the Tornado History Project, Tennessee saw 41 tornadoes alone in 2013. Considering the amount of damage a tornado can do to a single farm in addition to all of the other risks a farm takes on, farm insurance should be your top priority.

Reasons to Get Farm Insurance in Tennessee

Your farm insurance may cover losses on buildings, land, livestock, and of course, crops. Natural disasters, like tornadoes, can happen at any time, so when it comes to your homestead and livelihood, you want to be covered.

If you do not have farm insurance, here are a few reasons to purchase it now:

  1. Covers Rented Farm Property – If you are renting your farmland from another owner, you are still responsible for the crops and equipment you use on the rented land. Farm insurance can cover your losses, including any crops lost to natural disasters. Talk to your broker to understand the terms and fine print of your policy so you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.
  2. Your Liabilities Are Covered – Farmers encounter a lot of liabilities. A farm insurance policy can cover everything from workers’ compensation to property insurance to crop insurance to general liability insurance.
  3. Homestead and Farm Together – If your farmland includes your homestead, you can opt for a policy that covers your farm, equipment, livestock, your home and the home’s contents all as one.

The disasters associated with tornadoes, fire and even drought are a serious risk for local farmers in Tennessee. With the right level of farm insurance coverage, you can protect your livelihood and loved ones. The Nowell Agency can help you find farm insurance in Tennessee that covers all of your potential liabilities. Our brokers can even assess your risks and suggest other policies so that you are fully covered for the unexpected.

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