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Get Added Protection for Your Florida Business with Contractor Insurance

As a Florida contractor, you know the benefits and perils of your job. A happy client means referrals which keeps you in business, while an unhappy client can spell trouble, loss of reputation, and income. Few companies can recover from claims and lawsuits from events of bodily injury, property damage, or negative advertising. The financial deficit can mean closing doors and laying off employees. No one wants to face those consequences when it can be prevented or mitigated.

Obtaining the appropriate Florida contractor insurance is possible. Talk with the experienced brokers at the Nowell Agency. We work with a variety of insurance carriers to offer you the coverage that fits your stage of business. We partner with you to assess your specific needs and then custom-design a plan that provides you the protection you deserve at a price you can afford.

Types of Contractor Insurance for Your Florida Business

While Florida may not require contractor’s insurance, some counties in the sunshine state do. Keep doing what you do best – using your skills to build, repair, and beautify your customer’s homes or businesses when you purchase the right insurance policy.

  • General Liability: Helps cover the costs if you are sued because of property damage or bodily injury during the regular course of business. This policy may step in even if an employee causes the accident.
  • Worker’s Compensation: Covers employees if they become ill or sustain an injury while working on the job. It helps pay for medical bills and lost income.
  • Commercial Property: If you own or lease buildings, including those used for storage, you will benefit from the added protection. Your landlord’s policy may not cover you in the event of a loss.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Travelling between work sites can be dangerous. Using your personal vehicle for business purposes is not necessarily covered by a regular automobile policy.
  • Errors and Omissions: Sometimes, it helps to have protection when a customer claims you were negligent.
  • Equipment Coverage: An additional policy for times when you need to rent or lease equipment like cranes, backhoes, or forklifts can come in handy.
  • Employee Theft: It’s unfortunate that not everyone is honest. Recover quicker if an employee steals from your company.
  • Umbrella: Regular policies can cover only so much. An umbrella policy can help to have additional protection that extends the limits of your existing insurance.
  • Specialty Lines: Each contractor has unique needs that can be met with specific policies. Plumbers, janitors, carpenters, and HVAC contractors all have slightly different requirements. You deserve coverage that caters to what you do.

Work with the Professionals at the Nowell Agency for Your Florida Contractor Insurance

Ensure you have the best coverage for your business when you work with the experienced brokers at the Nowell Agency. Since the mid-1980s, we have helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals get the best coverage at reasonable rates. Let us assess your current policies and tailor an insurance plan that can fill in any gaps.

Call one of our offices near you to schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at The Nowell Agency about Florida contractor insurance. Request a quote online.


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    The Nowell Agency has been my primary agent for many years and they are attentive, well-staffed, and easy to talk to. Their agency has helped me through state to state moves and career change and kept my assets covered.

    James G.

    My very first insurance experience was when I bought my first house and I called the Nowell agency for a quote. I had no idea what I needed or how much and they were so very kind and knowledgeable and explained everything to me in detail which I so much appreciated. That has been 4 years ago and im still a customer never plan to leave.

    Ashleigh D.

    I have been very pleased with the quick and professional service by the Nowell agency. My agent was very efficient at locating a policy that met my needs and budget. Thank you to Kristy and the Nowell agency for providing me with fantastic customer service. I highly recommend this agency. You will not be disappointed.

    Tripp W.


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