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Online versus Agency Insurance in Hattiesburg, MS

An abundance of high-priced advertising and marketing campaigns have led people to believe that online is the only way to go when you’re buying personal, health, even business insurance products.

Unfortunately what that advertising fails to tell you is the differences you’ll find if you purchase your insurance from an insurance broker or insurance agent instead. Let’s look at some comparisons between online buying versus getting your insurance in Hattiesburg, MS through an agency:

  • Periodic review of your policies – it’s the ‘get it and forget it’ syndrome that affects most insurance buyers. You did the work, got the insurance, and now it’s done, right? Wrong. An insurance agent will periodically review your situation and your coverage and ensure that your needs are covered. No online service is able to do that.
  • Broader range of policies – most online insurance sites are focused on their products and no others. An insurance agency has access to a wide array of products from different carriers. If costs are unreasonably high with one provider, they can switch your coverage to another and save you money.
  • No personal interest – again, you can’t count on an online site to have a personal interest in you finding the best coverage. These sites are all about selling policies—volume matters. On the other hand, an insurance broker has loyalty to you, not the insurance plans, and so they’re more likely to work to find you the right plan no matter who sells it.
  • Personal service – many of these sites claim you can call them anytime, anywhere, but have you ever known that to be true? With an insurance agent, you get personal one-on-one service, a person to call with questions, and a local office in your own town.

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Tips to Help you Buy Insurance in Hattiesburg, MS

Despite the list of reasons for using an insurance agent above, there are some situations when going online is a good idea – but only as a first step.

Doing research ahead of time will give you an idea of the range of prices available and a starting place for your insurance agent to address. If you find ridiculously low prices, however, be aware that those may not contain the coverage you need, only the price you’d like.

If you know your budget, it can also help your Hattiesburg, MS insurance agent. If you’re already paying for coverage, bring that to your insurance agent too, so they can review what you have and where you might save money or have gaps that need filling.

Best thing is, an insurance agent is right there with you and will walk you through the options, explaining each one carefully. No online site will do that for you.

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