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Buying Personal or Business Insurance in Jackson, MS

When something untoward happens, can you confidently say to your business partner or spouse, “Don’t worry, we’re covered for this”?

If you’re thinking you can, think again. Insurance risks are constantly evolving, ever-changing and new risks are emerging. Think about this: just a few years ago no one ever considered protecting themselves against cyber crime or identity theft. It’s different today—your search for insurance in Jackson, MS probably has you thinking about these issues too.

At Nowell Agency, our approach to your personal or business insurance needs is: “The best offense is a good defense” and we’ll take the time to get to know you, your family, and your business so we can tailor your insurance coverage to meet your needs. Not the needs of your neighbor or the business down the block – yours, because they’re unique to you and your situation.

Our risk analysis and management skills are brought to bear on the risks our clients face and we’ll work together to target potential problems.

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What Must You Consider for Insurance in Jackson, MS

It’s critical that insurance buyers understand one thing: insurance premiums are not your only cost. While insurance premiums are a direct annual cost to your home or business budget, the cost when you have a loss means you’ll end up paying more than just the deductible.

There are also the indirect costs associated with a loss, like the ones listed below for businesses:

  • New hiring to replace injured or disabled workers
  • Slowed work times while damaged equipment can’t be used
  • Reduced income while your facility and equipment is repaired

If you experience a personal loss, say to your home, car, or boat, you’ll have other indirect costs related to the loss. Ever had flooding in the neighborhood? Flooding isn’t typically covered by a simple homeowner’s policy. If your house does flood, you don’t want to find yourself out of luck with a standard homeowner’s policy. You’ve got to think carefully and consult a knowledgeable, experienced advisor when purchasing insurance in Jackson, MS.

Of course, covering your property and belongings is important, but you must also take care of your family and yourself. Unforeseen events like accidents and illnesses can quickly blow through your individual insurance coverage and then gobble up your savings. Life is full of events that change us. The most important thing is to have the protection you need to weather the storm and reach the other side as safely as you can.

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