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Are you in the process of buying business insurance in Mississippi or insurance for your auto, home and other personal needs? Troubled by the costs? The key to minimizing risks and losses is having an appropriate type and amount of insurance coverage. Of course, keeping insurance costs under control is always a concern. The important thing to remember is that no matter whether you own a lot of property or simply rent an apartment, you are exposed to a range of risks that could disrupt your financial security. Identifying your exposure and finding the right insurance products to protect you from those risks is the job of an insurance agent. An experienced agent also works to identify coverage overlaps and where you may be over-insured, in order to save you money yet keep your protection intact.

Whether you need auto insurance, homeowners and renters policies, or any type of personal, business and commercial insurance coverage, our agents will find the right products for you. We take care to monitor changes in your personal and business life so that we can help minimize your risks and losses.

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Insurance Regulations in Mississippi – Get the Right Products

No matter how much you own in assets, it could all be destroyed in one random accident, natural disaster, or through malicious action. Protecting the assets you own and the people you love is a basic human need and each of us would do whatever it takes.
It also helps to know the regulations governing insurance in Mississippi so you can protect yourself with the required coverage. For example, Mississippi law requires drivers to maintain liability insurance and carry a card in their vehicles at all times. Those insurance cards can be on paper or electronic formats, including cell phone images per a 2013 regulatory change.

The Mississippi Insurance Department website contains detailed information about the current state of insurance in the state, including press releases, notifications, and more. They offer an email directory for consumers as well. The Commissioner in Mississippi also acts as the State Fire Marshal.

Contact information for the Department is:
Location: 1001 Woolfolk State Office Building, 501 North West Street, Jackson, MS 39201
Phone: (601) 359-3569 or (877) 813-9568 (Consumers Only)

Our agents can help you protect the things you own and the people you love through personal and business insurance products:

  • Business Insurance – protect your financial security from multi-million dollar lawsuits that can come from employees, vendors, clients, and others. Beyond general liability, you may need worker’s compensation, commercial umbrella, employment practices liability and other protection. Give us a call today!
  • Personal Insurance – protect yourself from big financial disasters and liability risks with auto insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, and more. Protect your family with life insurance, disability insurance, and health insurance. Have a chat with one of our agents and we’ll work together to identify your risks.

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