Have You Thought About Your Long-term Care Needs?

Many factors are involved with Long-term Care in Jackson, Mississippi

Planning for your long-term care needs is a complex task because there are many factors involved, not the least of which is determining what your needs will be. It’s a little like looking into a crystal ball and making a guess. It’s important to remember too that long-term care needs don’t just happen to the elderly. Some estimates indicate that as high as 40 percent of people currently receiving long-term care services are under age 64 and many live in their own homes or in the home of a relative – not in a nursing home.

Unfortunately, this little-known fact could make things difficult for seniors and their families: 70% of people over 65 will need some form of long-term care at some point in their lives. Even worse: few are preparing for it and the burden is falling on family members instead.

Types of Long-term Care
There are two main types of long-term care:

  • Skilled long-term care – refers to care delivered by medical professionals such as registered nurses. This type of care requires a doctor’s prescribed plan of care.
  • Personal long-term care – refers to care that is less involved and focuses only on helping with activities in your daily life that you are finding difficult to perform on your own. This type of care may be performed by a family member or trained professional

Types of Long-term Care Providers
The amount and type of care you need often changes over time – either patients get slowly better or they get progressively worse. Exploring the types of long-term care providers will help you determine your options, which include:

  • Home-based services – this type of care includes professionals helping with a specific condition while the patient lives primarily at home
  • Community-based services – this type of service includes meal programs, social services, transportation services and other adult day service types of activities
  • Facility-based services – this type of long-term care means moving the adult patient into a new place to live where their meals, 24-hour assistance, and other accommodations are managed by medical professionals

When it comes to long-term care, it’s one of the times in your life when it really needs to be all about you. The focus is on your care and nothing else. By determining your long-term care plans ahead of time, you set aside the risk that important decisions could be made for you at a time when emotions are high and the choices are confounding. Designing your long-term care plan ahead of time means you have more time to carefully consider the factors that are important to you.

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