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Benefits of Finding a Qualified Mississippi Insurance Agent

The benefits of finding a qualified Mississippi insurance agent you can trust are numerous, but begin with:

  • Peace of mind that lets you sleep at night – a good insurance agent has your back. He or she knows your business, your risks, and wants to protect them.
  • A buddy when you need one – a good insurance agent goes to bat for their clients when they experience a problem such as claims that aren’t being handled fast enough.
  • No “pass the buck” issues to deal with – when you need help and advice you’ve got one call to make, not dozens. A good insurance agent knows the law and the market and will give you the best products to protect yourself and your assets.
  • They are on your side – your insurance agent has your best interests in mind, so he or she will get to know your business and sell you the products best suited to you. They’ll also research and understand a broad range of insurance products.

It’s important to find a Mississippi insurance agent that you can trust and feel comfortable with. As your business changes, your agent should be flexible and knowledgeable enough to adjust your insurance plans and fit your budget.

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3 Steps to Finding a Good Insurance Agent in Mississippi

When it comes to finding a qualified Mississippi insurance agent, here is some friendly advice:

  1. Start with your State Insurance Department’s website. Every state has one, and most will post consumer alerts. Check the consumer alerts to see if anything is posted that would affect your decision. Here is the link for Mississippi State Insurance Department: http://www.mid.state.ms.us/
  2. Ask other similar business owners who they trust. When you want to find a good local restaurant, you ask foodies you trust – the same is true of finding an insurance agent. Even if you ask and discover they don’t recommend a particular agent, that’s still useful feedback.
  3. Ask what insurance carrier the insurance agency plans to use and check the insurance company’s rating. The A.M. Best Company is a third-party evaluator of insurers and they’ll have information about the insurance carrier. You can also check out these rating services (search for them on the web):
    • Fitch Ratings
    • Moody’s Investor Service
    • Weiss Ratings

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